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Our Purpose and Values

At Alba Gaskets we work by a set of values and follow a purpose. This ensures that we deliver the highest quality products at all times. We are committed to supporting our customers and providing unrivalled customer service.

Accreditations and Approval

FPAL empowered by achilles ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001

Modified PTFE Gaskets


Alba Gaskets stock and manufacture a full range of premium biaxially oriented PTFE gasket materials,  designed for use in critical piping systems where superior chemical resistance and performance is required.  

Utilizing the premium HS-10 process, the resultant biaxial orientation of the material creates a unique strength where both the longitudinal and transverse directions are equally strong.  The result is a premium gasket material with excellent creep and chemical resistance.

The benefits of this range include -

  • Improved performance over conventional PTFE
  • Reduced product loss and emissions
  • Reduced creep relaxation
  • Unique manufacturing process minimizes cold flow problems typical of skived and expanded PTFE sheets
  • Excellent bolt torque retention
  • Chemical resistance
  • Withstands a wide range of chemicals for extended service life in a wide variety of applications
  • Cuts operational costs through reduced: fluid loss - energy consumption - maintenance costs - inventory costs - waste.

    Our modified PTFE range of gaskets are ideal for clients looking for solutions for media induced flange-face corrosion issues.