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Sigfrid Ruz, technical and operations director and Gav Sim, managing director

Aberdeen-headquartered oil and gas integrity specialist Alba Gaskets has expanded its business internationally following the launch of its new rapid integrity gasket, Alba-RIG.

The company developed the product to withstand the harsh environments of the North Sea but has seen it successfully adopted all over the world, including in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and the USA.

Significant demand for the new gasket overseas has also resulted in Alba Gaskets appointing official distributors in key geographical areas including the UK, Europe, South East Asia and the USA.

Targeted at operators, engineering contractors, subsea contractors and leak testing specialists, Alba-RIG is designed to offer clients a rapid, safe, and cost-effective method of validating flange joint integrity through hydraulic or nitrogen testing.

The product was presented at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers’ virtual conference ‘Assuring Fit For Purpose Joints – Welded and Non-Welded Connections’ earlier this month.

Featuring a laser-welded port which is stronger than those produced via traditional TIG welded designs, the Alba-RIG has specially designed outer ring support and alignment shoulders. It also comprises dual ferrulle and non-bespoke fittings, enabling clients to use it with any test equipment.

Alba Gaskets managing director, Gavin Sim, is delighted with the product’s successful launch.

He said: “A number of clients had expressed some concerns about existing methods of performing reverse integrity tests, so we researched the market and identified some key technical areas where we could improve the process.

“In addition, no-one in Scotland manufactured this product so we wanted to offer clients a locally based route of supply, along with the cost saving benefits that brings.

“The Alba-RIG fits in well with our current product range, with all our products being designed with asset integrity in mind. It is robust and user-friendly, providing time-savings and most importantly piece of mind.

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of all of our North Sea clients from both the topside and subsea markets for supporting its launch. It really has been great to win new clients both in the UK and internationally.”

Established in 2007, Alba Gaskets is a trusted partner of many major international oil operators and contractors and has a strong reputation for technical proficiency. Its solutions are designed to assure the integrity and performance of its client’s assets, with a firm focus on HSE and optimising lifecycle asset performance.

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