A major UK Fabric maintenance contractor contacted us about our Kleerband flange protector for a Gas compressor maintenance programme.


Conventional metal/neoprene backed flange protectors, to prevent corrosion and erosion in flange voids, had been used for many years by the client and whilst these performed their function they have two major flaw in that they came apart after being removed and left the neoprene lining within the flange cavity, and they do not allow for inspection of the void once installed. This was a particular challenge in small vent outlets where the protectors had to be removed frequently to allow for maintenance on the vent.


Alba supplied around 100 Kleerband flange protectors for various sizes from 1" up to 12" 600lb flange classes. These were installed using Kleergel grease to fill the void through the integral port on the protector. The Kleerband is manufactured using a virgin vinyl compound that is entirely clear and visible allowing client to visually inspect the void after inspection. The Kleerband products are also fully reusable which allowed our client to remove the band during regular maintenance of their vents.

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