A major North Sea operator came to Alba with a problem that required a rapid solution. The client was having issues with some seals on a compressor end cover and they could not get them through leak test.

The process/design conditions were hydrocarbon gas at a 73 bar design pressure and a 300/-30c design temperature. The current design could not pass leak test despite a good surface finish on the plug seal and end cover seal face.

Alba were asked to come up with an alternative more compliant design that would seal at a low torque. This issue was preventing start-up so a quick turn around was essential.

The Alba technical team quickly reviewed the application and came up with a solution and at 7.45am the next morning the Alba seals were being delivered to the Heliport.

The client put them through Nitrogen leak test and confirmed they passed at 66 bar which solved the issue.

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Compressor End Cap 2

compressor end cap with existing copper gasket design

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