Reverse Integrity Seal Rings supplied on Clamp Connectors

A North Sea based operator required a technical proposal from Alba with a view to running reverse integrity seal ring tests on a range of Clamp connectors.

 Our client had 2”, 6” and 8” existing clamp connections offshore.    They required reverse integrity seal rings for these connections to peform back seal testing to test each individual joint.   They required a technical proposal and products to be supplied in a quick turnaround delivery of a few weeks. 


Working with our partner TP Connectors,  a technical proposal was submitted offering reverse integrity seal rings . The proposed rings were of type deformation controlled, self-energised and pressure assisted seals. The amount of self-energising being defined by the seal and groove geometry. The purpose of the back-seal test being to verify that the assembly has been performed correctly and that seal surfaces are good and will perform as intended when it sees the internal pressure.   

TP Connectors designed and manufactured the Ring on a quick turnaround basis and they client received the rings in time for their shutdown

Reverse Integrity Clamp Connector