The IsoShield Blue™ Isolation kit is designed to be used on non fire safe low pressure flange configurations, especially in areas where only low bolt loads are available or where there may be imperfect flange conditions. The IsoShield Blue is supplied with a 3mm thick modified PTFE gasket along with Isolation sleeves and washers and has been succesfully used in the North sea market for over 10 years.

  • Suited to ANSI 150 and 300lb flanges.
  • Low bolt load flange/gasket interfaces
  • Imperfect flange conditions - where GRE is unsuitable
  • Usable in wide range of temperatures from -196c to +260c

Full Description

Comprises of a 3mm thick modified blue PTFE gaskets and high dielectric strength Sleeves and HC washers 


  • Damaged flanges 
  • Low bolt load applications eg Cunifer flanges
  • Low temperature application below -50c