The Alba IsoShield HP™ Isolation kit is part of our leak free, tight sealing corrosion control range. Commonly used for electrical isolation and corrosion control on high pressure flanges and pipes its designed to provide critical service sealing and robust and reliable flange Isolation. The IsoShield HP™is a tried and tested design with over 30 years field experience.

  • Supplied in all size and pressure classes:
    • ½ to 24”
    • ASME B16.5 class 150-2500 - RF and RTJ flanges
    • API up to 10k pressure class
    • Suitable for mismatched RTJ to RF flanges
    • Rated to 205c operating temperature
  • All applications including high pressures (up to 1000 bar) and medias (including H2s and Co2) ensures high level of mechanical integrity
  • Utilizes spring energized teflon seals ensuring optimum tightness levels at low bolt loads
  • High strength metal core bonded with glass reinforced epoxy ensuring high levels of isolation
  • Proven design with over 30 years successful field experience

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Full Description

Manufactured with a 316 stainless steel core and laminated on both sides with glass reinforced epoxy laminates, the primary sealing mechanism is a pressure activated spring energized teflon seal, designed to offer an optimum level of sealing at pressures up to and including 10,000PSI. Supplied with high performing isolation bolt sleeves and washers the IsoShield HP™ provides a highly effective Isolation kit design where Fire Safety is not paramount.


  • Dissimilar metal flange connections to mitigate galvanic corrosion
  • High pressure flowlines/wellheads for isolation
  • Flange Isolation in conjunction with cathodic protection systems
  • Mismatched flange assemblies - RF/RTJ
  • Critical service, Non fire safe sealing requirements
  • Flange protection against crevice corrosion