The IsoShield LP™ is an effective low pressure flange isolation kit suitable for non critical applications.  The product comprises a 3mm thick glass reinforced epoxy body and a one piece Teflon seal, isolation sleeves and Alba HC washers.   The product is commonly used in water and non hydrocarbon service both onshore and offshore.

  • Suited to ANSI 150 and 300lb raised face and flat faced flanges
  • Available in 1/2" to 42" sizes - both type F (raised face) and type E (full face)
  • High levels of dielectric strength – providing excellent Isolation characteristics
  • Economical solution for non hazardous applications
  • Tried and test design , over 30 years successful field experience

Full Description

The IsoShield LP™ is manufactured using 3mm thick NEMA Grade G10 or G11 glass reinforced epoxy resin with teflon seals and high strength bolt sleeves and isolation washers. The gasket is supplied in either Type F (without bolt holes) or Type E (with bolt holes).


  • Low pressure flange Isolation - Non hazardous applications
  • 150-300lbs Pressure ranges