The IsoShield Subsea™ is a proven solution for problematic subsea flange/gasket interfaces.     Its high integrity metal core combined with Glass reinforced epoxy facings and tandem seals provides the strength and integrity of a metallic RTJ gasket but with the added benefit of sealing inboard of the RTJ groove allowing it to be used in instances where an RTJ is not suitable.  The Alba Subsea IsoShield ™design allows for the potential use in existing damaged or corroded flange grooves as an alternative to replacing flanges/spools subsea. 

  • Supplied in all size and pressure classes:
  • ½ to 24”
  • ANSI 150lb-2500lbs
  • API upto 10k pressure class
  • All applications including high pressures (up to 1000 bar) and medias (including H2s and Co2) ensures high level of Mechanical integrity
  • Tandem or triple seal design to ensure the highest level of redundancy
  • Bi directional sealing
  • Diver friendly - much easier and safer to install than RTJ
  • Doesnt rely on deformation to form a seal - no prospect of damaging the flange
  • Sits across the whole flange face - minimises media contact with flange face - reduces corrosion
  • Can be retrofitted into a corroded RTJ subsea flange
  • Designed to match bore of pipe to close of fluid trap on standard RTJ flange - preventing corrosion

Full Description

The IsoShield Subsea™ Gasket is 8mm thick, comprising of a steel core (commonly 316, Inconel 825 or 625) and a glass reinforced laminate facing and is designed with a tandem or Triple Seal arrangement. The inner seal is spring energized Teflon which is pressure activated and works well up to 10,000 psi pressure, the secondary seals are Viton O Rings which deforms well into any imperfections on the flange face. The secondary seal are by-directional ensuring an leak free seal from both internal and external pressure. Unlike RTJ gaskets these product do not rely on deformation and therefore hardness levels are not relevant. 


  • Corroded subsea RTJ flanges