Alba Kleerband flange protectors control corrosion on flange faces, bolts and gaskets from atmospheric external corrosion. They provide a quick, easy and effective way to apply protection and prevent corrosion and at the same time allow visual inspection of the flange surface without removing the flange protector. Kleerband Flange Protectors are manufactured of 100% virgin vinyl compound and are entirely re-usable.

  • Closes off flange gap preventing corrosion attack from external environments
  • Non metallic Clear Vinyl make up allows for visual inspection in flange after installation
  • Totally reusable, will not stick to flange and break after removal unlike conventional metal/neoprene bands

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Full Description

Alba Kleerband® Flange Protectors are manufactured of 100% virgin vinyl compound. The polyvinyl chloride resin used to make this compound, as well as the plasticizers and all of the other ingredients, have been granted approval by the FDA in accordance with regulations.

Supplied with a metal wormgear screw connection for ease of installation and a grease injection fitting with a Positive Loading Relief Vent Plug. Alba Kleergel grease is supplied with the Kleerband on request.


  • Prevention of external corrosion on Onshore/Offshore flanges
  • For use with Cathodically protected Isolated flanges - to prevent foreign material shorting out/bridging isolation kits