Created in a response to an industry-wide increase in flange face corrosion and its effects, our Alba-Shield™ has been designed, manufactured and tested to meet the optimum industry standards. Raising the bar in corrosion mitigation, our Alba-Shield™ is firesafe as standard, seals tighter to reduce leaks and performs to a higher level than a conventional spiral wound gasket.

  • Mitigates against corrosion - maintaining flange integrity and protecting flange faces
  • Seals on the inner ring - optimising the gaskets geometry
  • Cost efficient - reduces maintenance costs
  • Extends flange life span
  • Maintains high levels of sealing performance in a fire - API 6FB certified
  • High performing tandem seal design - maximum performance in sealing tests
  • Tried and tested design - long track record in oil and gas applications

Full Description

The Alba-Shield uses a PTFE faced metal inner ring to provide an inert, non reactive primary sealing mechanism which combats against the threat of corrosion - particularly with seawater, Co2, H2s and oxygen containing systems. Backed up by a non corrosive, fire safe spiral wound, the dual seal configuration offers our clients the safest and most effective replacement of conventional graphite spiral wound gaskets.


The Alba-Shield is designed to be used as a standard pipeline gasket in any grade of raised faced steel flange. it can be used in any application where conventional spiral wounds have been used previously, and especially in areas where corrosion and flange integrity is a concern.