Alba Gaskets' range of bolting Isolation kits are designed and manufactured to fit over standard size flange fasteners (bolts/studs) with standard size bolt holes.

When used with an IsoShield gasket they make up a flange insulation set. However they also have a number of applications where they can be used on their own or with standard gaskets as a measure to mitigate the effects of external galvanic corrosion, eg where B7/L7 bolts are being used on 316 stainless or duplex flanges. This allows operators to avoid using and stocking costly exotic bolting.

  • Offers high levels of Isolation to prevent/mitigate corrosion
  • Supplied with Alba-HC isolation washers
  • Can be cut to any length to suit customer requirement
  • Available from 1/2" through to 3 1/2" bolting

Full Description


  • Mitigation of Galvanic corrosion on bolting
  • Allows us off L7/B7 bolting in Exotic flanges
  • Used in conjunction with gaskets for flange isolation