The DEFENDER FS™ sealing/isolating gasket is designed to withstand the rigorous API standard 6FB (Third Edition) test and therefore provides a solution for those who want to electrically isolate their flange while also requiring protection against the introduction of fire in and around the flange.

Results concluded that the DEFENDER FS™ Gasket was able to maintain its fire safe characteristics throughout the entirety of the test. During the 30 minute burn and 30 minute cool down period, the measured leakage was 0 ml/min versus the allowable rate of 22.765 ml/min. The leakage rate during the re-pressurization cycle was 5 ml/min versus the allowable rate of 22.765 ml/min. 

Based on years of technological experience, the DEFENDER FS™ sealing/isolating gasket not only meets but exceeds the pressure-containing capabilities in standard 6FB (Third Edition) as outlined by API.

The DEFENDER FS™ is a fire safe product that allows a work force at production facilities and offshore platforms extra time to prevent devastation and harm. Seconds count when valves and flanged applications need to be shut down in emergency situations.

Alba Gaskets are the exclusive agent for this Isolation Kit and hold large stocks.

Key Features

  • Tested and Certified to API 6FB (Third Edition).
  • Two integral robust sealing elements for sealing and isolating in an engineered fire safe design.
  • Serves as a sealing/isolation for fire safe applications.
  • Incorporates industry proven Kammpro®: sealing technology.


Full Description

The Defender FS comprises a 316 stainless steel core retainer (0.250” thick) laminated on both sides with G11 (0.032” thick) fiberglass reinforced laminate (G11S6). The sealing element is a dielectric, pressure resistant, chemically tolerant, fire-safe seal containing a precision Kammprofile®, contour sealing design, ecapsulated with PTFE, with High Temperature/Dielectric Mica and biaxially oriented filled TEFLON (PTFE).

Supplied with Isolation bolts Sleeves and Fire Safe isolation washers


DEFENDER FS™ gaskets were engineered for fire fafe, extreme, high reliability sealing and electrical isolation critical service applications high pressure flanges: 2500# or API 10K.

  • Critical/extreme service
  • High ph service.
  • H2S/CO2 service.
  • Locations where end users prefer an integral seal element and high volatile fluids are present.