The Delta V Seal™ gasket is a revolutionary new design offering clients an all in one metal to metal seal which can be used in raised faced and flat faced flanges. The Delta V Seal™ is machined with a triple seal configuration of pitched metal teeth which conform into the flange face and provides an extremely tight and reliable metal to metal seal even at very high temperatures.

  • High quality replacement for spirals and Kammprofiles
  • Rated at same temperature as flange, gasket is no longer limiting factor
  • Fire Safe
  • High mechanical stress and vibration resistance

Full Description

An all-metal, one piece sealing, in equal material or a galvanic compatible material to the flange itself the Delta V Seal™is a 3.5mm thick metal gasket with Triple protection, multiple sealing surfaces in the form of peak sealing points.


  • High temperature sealing - rated to same temperature as flange
  • Hydrocarbon Service
  • LNG, low temp cryogenic service
  • Steam applications
  • Replacement for Spiral wounds or Kammprofiles