The Flange Skillet™ has transformed the way flange gaskets are installed on the flange faces of adjacent pipe sections on both on land and underwater pipelines. The Flange Skillet™ makes the process of installation safer, faster, and overall more efficient.
Flange Skillets are available in 3 designs for SBX and Style R RTJs and the product has been succesfully used on many subsea campaigns in the North sea and the Gulf of Mexico.

  • Allows the Diver to hold on to the skillet itself, thus keeping the fingers out of pinch points and greatly reducing the risk of finger injuries.
  • Centralises the gasket in the groove ensuring gasket is not nipped/damaged
  • Safer and faster installation

Full Description

Full Moon Skillet -

The original Flange Skillet™, which has been in use since 1980, self-aligns the gasket and remains within the flange assembly. The neck of the skillet is perforated allowing divers to break off the handle flush with the outside diameter of the flange. This Flange Skillet™ is not suited for compact flanges or other custom flanges that leave no space between the flange faces at final bolt up.

Half Moon Skillet

The Flange Skillet™ Half Skillet was originally developed to meet the needs of BX rings and compact flanges. This removable Flange Skillet™ is ideal for gaskets weighing less than 12lbs.

Gator Skillet

The Flange Skillet™ Gator Skillet was developed to meet the needs of divers looking for a removable device to hold gaskets weighing over 12lbs. This Flange Skillet™ self-aligns the gasket within the ring groove by resting on the bottom bolts. The device rotates around the gasket prior to final bolt-up allowing it to be removed.


  • Subsea diver Ring Type Joint gasket installations