Uncontrolled corrosion can cause immense damage to unprotected flange joints and faces, causing premature failure or high levels of fugitive emissions, resulting in a large amount of unwanted cost due to downtime and equipment repair. The Alba Halo FRS™is a patented corrosion control and maintenance system that offers industry a solution against corrosion.

The Halo Seal FRS ™ has been designed to virtually eliminate the risk of corrosion in new flange flanges and to prevent further damage in corrosion affected faces.

  • Suitable for all pressure classes
  • Fire safe design to API 6FB
  • Can be retrofitted into damaged flanges to provide leak free seal without the need to replace or re-machine flange face

Full Description

The Halo Seal FRS ™ comprises a Fire safe sealing Element based based on Kammprofile technology and a unique, reusable outer ring. The specially constructed PTFE insert is designed to minimise and manage corrosion in new and existing flanges.


  • Existing corroded flanges - offers the opportunity to retrofit a gasket without need to replace/re-machine flange