The Alba ISoShield FS™ has been designed with personnel safety in mind – it’s unique tight-seal technology limits hydrocarbon releases and the spread of fire. Safer and tighter, our IsoShield FS™ uses a unique combination of spring energised and pressure activated teflon seals with a kammpro phyllosillicate fire safe back up seal – the only isolation kit on the market to use this combination of seals.

  • Supplied in all size and pressure classes:
    • ½ to 24”
    • ASME B16.5 class 150-2500 - RF and RTJ flange
    • API up to 10k pressure class
    • Suitable for mismatched RTJ to RF flanges
    • Rated to 205c operating temperature
  • All applications including high pressures (up to 1000 bar) and medias (including H2s and Co2) ensures high level of mechanical integrity
  • Zero leakage in API 6FB fire tests – 30 minute test up to 1500f
  • Utilizes spring energized teflon seals ensuring optimum tightness levels at low bolt loads
  • High strength metal core bonded with glass reinforced epoxy ensuring high levels of isolation
  • Electrical Flange insulation set

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Full Description

With more than 80 years combined experience in Isolation kits,  our technical team is continually approached by oil and gas operators looking for high-performing, cost effective solutions, which demonstrate exceptional levels of mechanical integrity in high pressure day to day operating conditions.

The IsoShield FS™ is made with a combination of glass reinforced epoxy and steel core and uses a unique combination of pressure activated spring energized teflon seals with a kammpro phyllosillicate fire safe back up seal bringing together the very best of industry design and manufacturing. The IsoShield FS™ provides a leak free, tight sealing joint in addition to a robust and reliable level of isolation, mitigating against the costly effects of flange and pipeline corrosion with the added benefit of demonstrating ZERO leakage in industry fire tests.

Manufactured with steel core strength and bonded with glass reinforced epoxy facings, the ISO-shield FS ensures the highest levels of electrical isolation.



  • Dissimilar metal flange connections to mitigate galvanic corrosion
  • High pressure flowlines/wellheads for isolation
  • Flange Isolation in conjunction with cathodic protection systems
  • Mismatched flange assemblies - RF/RTJ
  • Critical service, fire safe sealing requirements
  • Flange protection against crevice corrosion