Rapid Integrity Gaskets

Rapid Integrity leak Testing (RIT) safely and efficiently tests flange connections prior to operational start up, providing peace of mind and maximising production time. But in a challenging economic climate using bespoke and complex RIT gaskets comes at a high cost.


To provide our clients a simple, easy to use and cost effective Reverse Integrity Testing solution that breaks down the barriers of traditional leak testing.


Designed and manufactured in Aberdeen, UK to withstand the harsh environments of the North Sea sector, the patent pending Alba-RIG™ (Rapid Integrity Gasket) is used to validate proper gasket installation on flange connections through hydraulic or nitrogen testing. Rapid verification of joint integrity prior to start up saves time and provides peace of mind. The Alba-RIG™ is designed to be used in Ring Type, Raised Face and Flat Face flanges.

  • The Alba-RIG™ - Is fast and easy to install removing complexity and costs
  • Giving choice and flexibility in test equipment and process
  • Removing the complexity and cost of other leak testing methods and traditional reverse integrity testing
  • Making it simpler and more cost effective for operations to adopt Reverse Integrity Testing

The Alba-RIG™ has been successfully trialed and installed on 4 of our operating assets. We found the Alba-RIG faster and easier to install than other available products as well as being more cost effective. I would highly recommend the product.

North Sea Operator Leak Testing Engineer - Summer 2020

Source: Oil and Gas UK